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Dear visitor, after viewing our website you may have some questions. For your convenience, we have answered some frequently asked questions here. If you need to ask us a question, please contact us.
Unfortunately paid swimming is not possible. Our facilities are for our tenants only.
Our suites are equipped to accommodate couples. To accommodate small families (2 adults with 1 or 2 children), we have placed sofa-beds in the living rooms of our King and Queen suites. Our two-bedroom villa with 2 queen beds offers sleeping space for 4 adults.
Tenants who rent longer than 3 nights may receive a maximum of 2 guests. However, visitors are not allowed to use our facilities.
To decorate your suite we will put you in touch with our decorator who can decorate your suite according to your wishes. The costs are paid with the rent.
Currently it is not possible to organise events.

Photoshoots are allowed for tenants. If this is done by a hired photographer, you pay a fee of EUR 20 per hour. A shoot for a music video is not allowed.

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